🌈Welcome to VIBES

VIBES is a decentralized digital art collective and cryptonetwork on the Polygon blockchain.

🏗️ We are an experimental digital community sandbox for artists, collectors, builders, and enthusiasts who want to ship cool stuff and make killer art. We create products that push the boundaries of NFTs, digital coordination, and web3 applications.

🏴‍☠️ VIBES is not a company, organization, or legally recognized entity in any jurisdiction; it is an idea maze that all are invited to explore. VIBES is open-sourced and built in public.

💖 Learn by doing. Test in prod. Bias towards action.

🚧 We are absolutely doing this shit live.

🚀pageGetting Started

🏄‍♀️ Diving In

VIBES has a rich community-oriented ecosystem with a large focus on decentralized curation. The protocol aims to empower Artists, Curators, and Collectors to shape the VIBES network.


The best way to participate and earn VIBES is to support VIBES Artists. Buy dope art 🥳

💎pageMining VIBES

💪 Contributing

VIBES is a community-owned decentralized protocol that invites open contribution. While the initial core team will continue to iterate on the project, it's important that others continue to step up and build on the protocol.

🚀 Build first, ask for permission later.

Got some ideas on where VIBES can go? Hop in the Discord and let's chat 🤙

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