At the heart of VIBES is a decentralized curation network made up of Artists, Curators, and Collectors. Each role is important in shaping the VIBES network, and most members will be some combination of all three.

Completely open minting platforms like OpenSea and Screensaver World are important to ensure nobody is excluded from creating NFTs and sharing their art, but discoverability can be a challenge.

Centralized curated platforms like Foundation can result in higher quality collections of art, but can be exclusionary and myopic, inheriting many of the problems around gatekeeping from the web2 world.

VIBES approaches curation in a decentralized way, empowering Curators with a substantial amount of freedom and choice to form the network as they see fit.

No single voice can shape the VIBES network.

🥳 We embrace a rich diversity of thought, art, and expression. VIBES celebrates the massive range of our community's creative output and style.

🎨 Artists

Make dope art, tell your story, and share your perspective with the world. All it takes to become an artist is to decide you want to be one... and then start creating 🚀.

A VIBES Artist is any artist who has had their work curated into VIBES.

A VIBES Artist may also be a VIBES Curator. These Artist-Curators can use their curation powers to promote their own work and bring more attention to their projects.

VIBES Artists form the soul of the network.

Their creative output and voice form the VIBES art collection.

🔥 Curators

Curators decide what art belongs in the VIBES collective. They have the ability to infuse any NFTs they own with VIBES, curating them into the network.

Curators can onboard additional curators by transferring some of their Influence to another address. This is done completely permissionlessly and ensures curator onboarding is truly decentralized.

Outside of the rules enforced on-chain within the protocol, Curators are free to use their curation powers however they please. There are no standardized rules or guidelines around curation.


VIBES Curators have the powerful role of determine what belongs in VIBES.

Each curator will have their own approach. Just as VIBES Artists are telling their own stories, VIBES Curators get to craft narratives of their own as they chose to elevate work from other artists (or themselves) into the network.

🌈 Collectors

Collectors buy and sell art. They may be looking for undervalued art they know they can flip, or are just wanting to support artists and build up a dope collection.

Collectors serve an important role of bringing both capital and art from outside of VIBES into the network.

A VIBES Collector may also be a VIBES Curator. These Collector-Curators can curate art from new artists and re-sell their NFTs on the secondary market, increasing liquidity and amplifying upcoming artists.

💎pageMining VIBES

VIBES Collectors are responsible for circulating art within the community.

Because VIBES NFTs mine VIBES over time, collectors can claim the mined VIBES and use them to curate NFTs of their own.

In this way, those who support the current artists in the collective get a say in the future direction of VIBES.

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