😎VIBES Token

VIBES is not a currency nor representation of financial value. It is not a reserve-backed token. It is an experimental digital asset.

Like all tech, products, and programs in VIBES, this token is an experiment.

Proceed at your own risk.


Currently, the only utility of the VIBES token is curation. NFTs are curated into the VIBES network when they are infused with VIBES.


Token Specification

VIBES is a standard ERC-20 token, which is a fungible token standard compatible with nearly every Ethereum/Polygon software and hardware wallet. The token parameters are as follows:

  • Token address: 0xd269af9008C674B3814b4830771453D6a30616eb (polygonscan)

  • ERC-20 name: VIBES

  • ERC-20 symbol: VIBES

  • ERC-20 decimals: 18

The token has no pausing functionality but there is an active minter role being held by the VIBES multisig. This may be revoked in the future.

Token holders may burn their tokens, which transfers to the zero-address and decreases the totalSupply reported by the token contract.

The token contract is verified on polygonscan.

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Circulating Supply and Current Allocations

The initially minted supply for VIBES was 1,000,000,000 (1 billion).

Funds have been allocated and distributed incrementally with unallocated funds held by the VIBES multisig.

Total circulating supply is currently far less that the 1 billion minted (see the Protocol Info page on sickvibes.xyz)

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