Terse answers to most questions:

What is VIBES?

VIBES is a decentralized digital art collective, cryptonetwork, and experimental community of artists, collectors, builders, and enthusiasts.

We make cool art and ship dope products on the Polygon blockchain.

🌈pageWelcome to VIBES

Where can I browse VIBES NFTs?

Sick Vibes Dot XYZ 🤙

What is Polygon? How do I connect to VIBES?

Polygon (previously called Matic) is an Ethereum-aligned "sidechain". It has near-free transaction costs and a two-second block time that makes for a speedy and fun user experience.

VIBES currently is deployed to the Polygon network. If you have MetaMask installed, the sickvibes.xyz site will walk you through what's needed to get connected.

Why Polygon?

Polygon has nearly free transaction costs. This is crucial for reducing development and deployment hurdles and lowering user friction -- and we want to encourage experimentation and usage.

It's also 100% EVM compatible (can deploy the VIBES contract cluster on Ethereum or any other EVM chain) and Ethereum-aligned (not attempting to compete with Ethereum).

What is the VIBES roadmap?

There is no roadmap.

🌈VIBES is an idea maze we are all exploring together.

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What is Infusion?

Any NFT can be infused with VIBES, effectively staking VIBES inside the NFT. Infused VIBES are mined over time and made claimable by the owner of the NFT.

Infused VIBES stay within the NFT across sales or transfers if not claimed.

This is the low-level mechanism (referred to as "Provenance Mining") that enables interesting experiments within the VIBES collective.

How Do I Infuse My NFTs?

Only VIBES Curators can infuse NFTs.


How Do I Become a VIBES Curator?

The initial 10 curators were selected by the VIBES multisig. Additional curators can be onboarded by existing curators (recursively).

There are no standard guidelines, rules, requirements, or criteria for being a curator. Each curator has full autonomy to use the protocol as they see fit, including how and why they add more curators.

Do I Need to Be a Curator to Get My Art into VIBES?

No. Share your art on Twitter (and tag @sickvibesxyz) or in the VIBES Discord, and a curator may reach out.

Each curator will have their own process and selection criteria, so take some time to understand how the community is operating and respect the boundaries of the curators.

How Do I Get VIBES?

The best way to get VIBES is to support VIBES Artists and collect their NFTs that have been curated in the VIBES network. Curated NFTs mine VIBES over time that can be claimed by collectors.

💎pageMining VIBES

What is a SQNCR?

A SQNCR is a modular and customizable NFT-based digital project. It's an early-stage experiment from VIBES, but you can mint yours now!


How does VIBES relate to Screensaver.World?

VIBES is closely aligned with Screensaver.World, but there is no official association. Currently all VIBES NFTs are minted on their platform.

The VIBES functionality built on top of Screensaver NFTs was done so permissionlessly -- one of the advantages of the open nature of blockchain applications and a core tenant of VIBES:

Build first, ask for permission later.

Screensaver is dope... check out their Discord for art drops, bidding wars, flash auctions, and more.

How much are VIBES worth?

VIBES are worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for them. VIBES are worth the value of the tokenized representation of holding a VIBES NFT over time. VIBES are worth the equivalent amount of MATIC (or any other digital asset) that can be used to purchase bags on QuickSwap. VIBES are worth the perceived value of having control over the VIBES art collective and cryptonetwork.

🤔 All of these answers are correct. The real question is: what are VIBES worth to you?

How can I get the VIBES airdrop?

The VIBES airdrop program ran until July 12th, 2021 and is no longer active. All recipients of the initial airdrop are considered Founding Members of VIBES.

💰pageTreasury Allocations

Where can I buy VIBES NFTs?

Visit the VIBES homepage at sickvibes.xyz to see all VIBES art that is currently for sale.

How do I claim mined VIBES?

If you own a VIBES NFT that has claimable VIBES, you can use the Claim UI from the Token Detail page to claim the VIBES from your wallet. This is a one way operation!

How did you "hack" Screensaver World NFTs to mine VIBES?

That expression is a verbal abstraction -- a phrase that evokes the right understanding while being a lossy representation of the actual on-chain mechanisms that mediate the feature.

"I hacked my Screensaver World NFTs to continuously mine VIBES over time" is more accurately said as "I deployed a bookkeeping contract that references the Screensaver NFT contract and locks VIBES inside it that can be released via a time-lock mechanism".

page⚙️ Architecture

What is the VIBES Multisig?

The VIBES multisig is an executive group that requires 3-of-5 consensus to transfer treasury funds and control the protocol smart contracts.

Will VIBES make me rich? Should I sell my VIBES? Is VIBES a good investment?

VIBES is designed to be an experimental curation and utility token.

VIBES is not a currency, financial instrument, or security.

The token and other contracts have not been audited by a third party.

No information on this website (or any other documents mentioned therein) is or may be considered to be advice or an invitation to enter into an agreement for any investment purpose. Furthermore, as VIBES represent an experimental abstract concept, nothing on this website qualifies or is intended to be an offering of securities in any jurisdiction nor does it constitute an offer or an invitation to purchase shares, securities or other financial product.

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