💰Treasury Allocations

The VIBES treasury is currently being allocated incrementally following the initial minting of 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) VIBES tokens.

It's possible in the future that total treasury allocations will be announced for the entire token supply, but during the initial phases of the protocol allocations will happen just-in-time.

The treasury is managed by the VIBES multisig.

Circulating Supply

The total circulating supply is basically everything that is not locked away in the Gnosis safe. This number will increase over time if additional community stipend or curation grant proposals are passed.

As of September 2021, this is roughly 127 million VIBES.

See live protocol stats on the Protocol Info page on the VIBES site.

Founders Airdrop

An initial VIBES airdrop ran roughly until July 12th 2021, which included the following recipients:‌

  • Top 20 collectors on Screensaver v0 and v1 contracts

  • All holders of BVAL or @bvalosek NFTs on Ethereum

  • All collectors of @bvalosek Screensaver art

  • All artists collected on Screensaver by @bvalosek

  • Anybody showing genuine interest in the project during this time

The following amounts where airdropped:‌

  • 10,000 VIBES to all addresses on the airdrop list

  • 10,000 VIBES to the nine addresses that voted on the initial test proposal

  • 10,000 VIBES to anybody providing at least 5,000 VIBES worth of VIBES-MATIC liquidity on QuickSwap

The goal of this airdrop was to distribute network equity to small artists, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts in the space and experiment with a grassroots bootstrapping of market liquidity. Using large DeFi airdrop lists, targeting influencers and famous artists, or launching the protocol with liquidity mining on day 1 were all intentionally avoided to ensure opportunistic whales did not end up with large amounts of VIBES.‌

All recipients of the initial airdrop are considered Founding Members of VIBES.

Roughly 1,350,000 VIBES where distributed during this airdrop.‌

Curation Grants

The primary distribution method of the VIBES token is Provenance Mining, which is managed autonomously by locking VIBES from the treasury into the VIBES Wellspring contract.‌

Curation grants allocate funds from the VIBES treasury to be infused into NFTs buy Curators.‌






June - July 2021

~33,000,000 VIBES

Initial launch with @bvalosek's art


July - August 2021

~30,000,000 VIBES

Initial multi-artist launch (proposal)


August 2021

60,000,000 VIBES

Continued curation grant (proposal) (multsig trx)

Community Stipends

Community Stipends are used to fund builder rewards and bounties in order to compensate contributors to the VIBES protocol.‌






July 2021

~3,000,000 VIBES

Initial community program (proposal)

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