🏛️ Governance

VIBES is a decentralized cryptonetwork that is owned by the community.

While VIBES is a token-coordinated protocol, it was designed to be as governance-minimal as possible and encourage more decentralized coordination and organization over monolithic "governance".

🚀 You do not need anybody's approval to start building in VIBES.


VIBES is a process-minimal organization, but below is a rough outline of how we coordinate.

Discord Discussion

Protocol governance starts with informal discussion on Discord. Have an idea? Want to see something changed? Float it in the chat and see what others think.

Use the #⚙️-protocol channel on Discord to discuss any ideas for changes or possible future proposals for VIBES.

Off-chain Signaling

VIBES uses Snapshot for off-chain signaling, which lets you securely vote by using your web3 wallet to cast a signed ballot.

Off-chain signaling is great for gauging community consensus around how to use shared resources or signal support for a change in the protocol. Feel free to use Snapshot in more creative ways if you think it'd be helpful or fun.

Don't feel like a Snapshot proposal needs to be created for everything (we build first and ask for permission later), but it can be a great way to encourage community involvement and allow people to voice their opinion

Snapshot is just a tool: since it's not on-chain it's not binding except at the "social layer".


The organization of VIBES is intentionally very flat, simple, and non-prescriptive.

We are an early-phase protocol and are avoiding having explicit roles and favor open, permissionless contribution.

VIBES Multisig

The VIBES multisig members where chosen by @bvalosek in the initial phases of VIBES based on mutual trust, friendship, crypto fluency, and support of both the VIBES project and the BVAL NFT project that started it.

The multisig is a social-layer coordination group, and a Gnosis Safe has been deployed to manage protocol assets and smart contract control in a way that requires 3-of-5 consensus on all transfers or contract invokes.

The VIBES Multisig is controls a relatively small part of VIBES.

Multisig action is only required occasionally, and the community, protocol, and art collective can evolve and change without any need to involve the multisig.

You do not need the approval of the multisig to start building in VIBES.

The address of the multisig Gnosis Safe:

  • 0x41925458151134A5324c9382915fc94C31Bce1B3 [polygonscan]

The multisig is responsible for:

VIBES Multisig Members

Members can be identified in Discord via the @VIBES multisig role.













Please do not DM members of the multisig regarding any administrative questions or requests, ask in public Discord channels and tag the @VIBES Multisig role.

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