🚀Getting Started

Like most things in crypto, the best way to get started with VIBES is to dive in, start exploring, and ask questions on Discord.

Below is a semi-linear approach you can use if you are at the very start of your journey, or want a bit more of a guide on getting into things.

Getting On-Chain

If you've never used a decentralized web3 application before:

  • Install MetaMask, a browser extension that lets you access the blockchain from web apps in your browser. Once installed, visit sickvibes.xyz and it will walk you through switching to Polygon.

  • Get some MATIC. You will need a (very) small amount of MATIC to use the Polygon network. $1 USD worth of MATIC should be enough for 1000s of transactions.

Connecting to VIBES

Once you have your MetaMask wallet set up, you're ready to have a look around:

  • Visit sickvibes.xyz. The VIBES front page will feature a rotating assortment of for-sale VIBES NFTs you can buy

  • Check out your VIBES wallet. This will show you information about the VIBES in your wallet and owned VIBES NFTs.

  • Read the Community Overview to get an understanding of the VIBES ecosystem.

  • Read Mining VIBES for information on how you can earn VIBES by collecting curated art.

Get Involved

After poking around the VIBES site a bit, it's time to get more involved

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