VIBES Phase 1

Foundation - July 2021

We started with Distribution: getting VIBES to people interested in the project and active in the Polygon NFT space via the Founders airdrop totaling more than 1.3 million VIBES across 100+ addresses.

Currently 26 of the 30 million VIBES for the first provenance mining grant program with @bvalosek's art have been locked in 26 1/1 Screensaver World NFTs.

🚀 What's next?

There is no roadmap for VIBES, this will never be a linear path. VIBES is an idea maze: we're here to make dope art and ship cool stuff while exploring on-chain tech and coordination.

But even without a roadmap, it's important to have a sense of where we're going. The next phase of VIBES will be foundational as core parts of the protocol thesis are tested and the initial paths of the idea maze are explored.

Proposals were passed to allocate another 30 million VIBES for provenance mining, and 3 million VIBES for community and builder stipends, and the site and smart contract cluster are in active development.

🔥 Keeping Up

If you're just getting caught up with what's going on on VIBES, the following steps are recommended:

Y'all ready for Phase 1 of VIBES?

The Maze

🎨 Artists

A proposal passed to allocate another 30 million VIBES to new artists in the form of provenance mining grants.

  • What happens when new artists are responsible for distributing large portions of network equity from the VIBES treasury to their collectors?

  • How will artists use VIBES Lab to (re)circulate VIBES inside of their NFTs in a fully permissionless way?

  • Will collectors be incentivized to buy pieces injected with VIBES?

  • Will artists approach the VIBES NFTs they make differently than their usual pieces?

  • How will this round of artists explain VIBES to their collectors and followers?

💖 Community

A proposal passed to allocate 3 million VIBES for community programs to reward people who contribute to VIBES via stipends and bounty payouts.

  • Will people be incentivized to contribute in exchange for early network equity?

  • Are bounties a useful on-boarding mechanisms for new contributors?

  • How will early VIBES NFT collectors use the VIBES mined inside of their NFTs?

  • What type of emergent branding, memes, and culture can be bootstrapped via an early-phase cryptonetwork?

  • How will YOU contribute to VIBES?

⚙️ Protocol

Several protocol additions are being developed right now to add to the on-chain smart contract cluster that is currently powering VIBES.

  • Will Governance Farming incentivize market liquidity?

  • When should VIBES deploy its Liquidity Mining program?

  • Should the rate and total-lifetime-value numbers used with provenance mining be tweaked?

  • How can we create open standards around NFT collections and artist-owned NFT contracts that allow for interoperable curation and discovery mechanics?

  • What are the specific mechanics and actions that VIBES Party will allow?

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