💎Mining VIBES

NFTs that have been curated into the VIBES network have a finite amount of infused VIBES within them that are made claimable over time by the owner of the NFT.

Claiming the VIBES will permanently transfer them from the NFT to the owner's wallet. Any unclaimed VIBES remain within the NFT, even across sales or transfers.

This process is known as "Provenance Mining".

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By allow collectors to mine VIBES over time, those who support artists by buying their work will have the ability to shape the direction of the curated network in the future.

Claiming VIBES

The owner of an NFT can claim some or all of the mined VIBES at any time from the Token Detail page on the VIBES site. The NFT will continue to mine VIBES if not all of the infused amount has been claimed. Unclaimed VIBES remain inside the NFT indefinitely until the owner decides to claim them.

A collector may choose NOT to claim the mined VIBES if they wish to re-sell the NFT in the future. An NFT with more VIBES remaining may sell for more than an NFT that has already had a claim by a previous owner.

Claimed VIBES can be used to curate art into the network.


In the future, additional use cases will be added for the VIBES token

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