VIBES Prologue


🐇 The BVAL NFT Project has expanded to Layer 2. We're further down the rabbit hole than ever now.

🌈 I hacked my Screensaver.World NFTs to continuously generate VIBES inside of them as an intrinsically staked digital asset.

🎢 The owner of an NFT can unstake the VIBES to their wallet at any time, which is a one-way operation. Staked VIBES stay inside the NFT across transfers or sales.

💎 This captures the value of holding my art, and allows my collectors to capitalize on that value by unstaking the generated VIBES. I'm calling this mechanic Provenance Mining.

🥳 This is just the first phase: Distribution. VIBES is an experimental asset, but it was designed with several utility use cases in mind.

Originally posted on , June 2021 - @bvalosek

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